Monday, 12 February 2018

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Are We Asking Too Much of Internal Audit?

Whenever there are bad news or new events, many articles and posts start to pop up almost immediately questioning "where were the auditors?" and /or offering thoughts on internal audit's role in the event. Recent examples are the never-ending cases of sexual harassments and the rise of artificial intelligence. This leads to the question;"Are auditors still an easy target?". Or, perhaps, this is done out of love to internal auditors and in recognition of their vital role? If it is the latter, it should, obviously, be welcomed by internal auditors! 
Many agree that the role of internal audit is continuously evolving as a result of increased stakeholders' expectations, the continuous advancement of new technology, the increase in business complexity, and the rapid emergence of risks. Many internal audit shops are rising to the expectations and challenges, but how many of them actually had the chance to “assess” the reasonability, practicality, and fairness of the expectations and discussed their views with the stakeholders?
They always say that with authority comes responsibility, and for the sake of this discussion I say: "with higher expectations come real empowerment of internal audit!".
The objective of this post is to ask for internal auditors’ thoughts on these questions:
-         Do you believe stakeholders are asking too much of you?
-          Are you provided with adequate tools, resources, and support to meet the expectations?
-          Have you had the chance to discuss the expectations with your stakeholders?
If I receive enough responses, I will summarize them is a separate post for the benefit of those interested in the subject.
Please share your thought.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Coming Soon: Bibi Consulting will be soon offering a new service to connect qualified independent internal audit consultants with companies in need of part time /interim/contract/ consulting services from Chief Audit Executives.

While we are still evaluating the best business model for this service, we would like to clarify that Bibi Consulting is not in the recruitment business and we are not soliciting resumes!

More details will be available soon.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Are Auditors Immune Against The Feeling of Guilt?

As some of you may know, I am in the process of writing my second audit novella (The Retirement)!

It is about a newly retired auditor who finds himself involved in a huge corporate scandal shortly after his retirement. At one point during his retirement celebration trip to an isolated cottage, he goes through a flashback of his life.This is one of  his career flashbacks:

"he remembered how bad he used to feel when one of his audit reports caused someone his/her job or other negative consequences. In the beginning of his career ,as a young auditor, he used to feel some sort of guilt and blame himself for not reporting the audit findings in a softer tone! As he matured, this feeling had disappeared and was replaced with a strong belief in transparency and accountability!"

My question to you: Is it normal for auditors to have a feeling of guilt in similar circumstances? 
Have you ever had a feeling of guilt in your audit career? If yes, how you dealt with it?
Please share your thoughts and experience.
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Thursday, 8 June 2017

One More Time:Internal Audit & Geopolitical Risks!

Last year, I was asked by a newly established IIA Chapter in the Middle East to write an article, in Arabic, for their magazine.I thought the most pressing and relevant issue in an area like the Middle East would be the existing geopolitical risks.So, I wrote a short article discussing the role internal audit can play in providing assurance that the organization can successfully identify and manage top geopolitical risks!The chapter did not disappoint, it declined to publish the article on the basis it was too political.I was not surprised because I have a firm belief that culture influences everything from the mindset of internal auditors to the quality of the audit.In the case of that specific chapter, it was the culture of fear that influenced their decision.

 The article was not political at all! To the contrary, I urged internal auditors to keep a vigilant watch of geopolitical risks free of bias or any political agendas and to maintain the utmost independence at all times. I made it clear that evaluating geopolitical risks will not and should not convert internal auditors to political activists! I called upon internal auditors to evaluate the adequacy of the organization’s  disaster recovery and business continuation plans and procedures, in addition to the adequacy of its insurance coverage.

The recent rift in the Gulf is just another example of the importance of geopolitical risks.Internal auditors in the Middle East can hide their heads in the sand and pretend that business is as usual, or do what they are supposed to do in these disruptive and uncertain times!!

These are my thoughts please share yours!

The Right Way to Start Your Day!

The right way to start your day would be by having a chat with us to discuss how you can get the best value from your #internalaudit funct...